It's easy. Because it's worth it! It's a beautiful and still undiscovered country. In every city, town, village - wherever you are - you'll find something interesting, whether it's a castle, a palace, a historical town centre listed by UNESCO, a park or a sculpture. You will be amazed. Poland has it all; the breathtaking scenery, unique historical architecture and wonderful people.

What is interesting in Poland?
The variety of the landscape surprises everyone.

Beautiful, soaring mountains, hills and rocks - ideal for those who love rock climbing, hiking, mountain air and the feeling of freedom and peace one can achieve there.
Thousands of clear lakes ideal for fishing, sailing and swimming. Winding rivers with unregulated banks - for boaters, kayakers, snorkelers and those who just like to sit by the water around the fire and listen to the cicadas .
A sea coast with wide, sandy beaches, great ports and breathtaking sunsets.

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Photographs: by Bogdan Nitka: The Lake District,  The Baltic Sea, Polish Countryside,  by Andrzej G. The Tatra Mountains

Polish cities and towns tempt many with their architecture and monuments. Old historical buildings interweave with modern ones. Palaces and castles reveal Polish history; they stand proud  - some going back to the 13thI century, many renovated or rebuilt, others turned into luxury hotels. Churches; some as old as 9th century surprise with diversity of styles and interiors. Many temples are popular places of pilgrimage, welcoming the faithful from all over the world. Modern architecture - skyscrapers, business centres and stadiums bring cities on a par with their West European counterparts. Lively centres of politics, business, art, culture, music and nightlife will satisfy various needs of any newcomers.

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Photographs: by PolandisHere; Warsaw, Zamość, Gdańsk, by Lilianna Wolnik: Kraków

The continental climate of Poland, means there are four clearly defined seasons in the year. Spring; March - May, Summer; June - August, Autumn; September -November and Winter; December - February. Hot summers lend to holidaying by the lakes or the sea, and mountains stand by for those looking for cooler breezes. Winter - cold and usually very snowy - is a perfect opportunity for skiing in the mountains or admiring rough sea waves.  Autumn and spring are great for city breaks or hiking in the mountains.


Photographs: Lilianna Wolnik, Andrzej G.


Traditional Polish cuisine varies slightly from region to region. Each region has their flagship dish, which uses ingredients native to the area, and the recipies are passed on through generations. There is sheep cheese, smoked fish, sausages, dumplings, venison dishes and somany others.

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Do you need anything more? Go on and enjoy your Polish adventure!


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