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Poland has a number of international airports served by most international airlines. The largest and busiest are Warsaw Chopin Airport, Kraków Balice Airport and Katowice Pyrzowice Airport.

North Poland - the best access to the sea and lakes regions will be provided by the airports in Gdansk, Szczecin and Bydgoszcz. The Warsaw airport will be suitable too, as the drive from Warsaw to the coast takes only around 4 to 6 hours.There are car rental facilities availabe at larger airports.

Central Poland - lake and plains regions - Poznan, Warsaw and Łodź airports.

South Poland - plains and mountain regions - Wrocław, Katowice, Kraków, Lublin and Rzeszów. Again, Warsaw Chopin Airport can be used if your final destination is in the south. The train journey between Warsaw and Kraków takes only 3 hours.


Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Airport (WAW)

Located 10 km SW of the centre of Polish capital -  Warsaw. The airport has one terminal with check-in areas A, B, C, and D.

A suburban rail link between the airport and Warsaw takes 25 minutes to travel to the city centre from the airport. A bus service connects the airport to Warsaw and 30 other Polish towns, while some of the hotels in the city use a shuttle minibus. A taxi into Warsaw is likely to cost about 40 PLN (appx. £9/ €10/ $12)

Facilities: Warsaw’s airport has 17 bars/cafes/restaurants, a bank, post office, 26 shops, a child care room, 4 ATMs, currency exchange, VIP lounge, car rentals, executive lounge and conference centre. The Marriott hotel is situated within 100m of the terminal building.
More information: Warsaw Chopin Airport


Warsaw-Modlin Airport (WMI)

Located 2 km NW of Modlin, 30 km NW of Warsaw

This airport opened in 2012 and serves as a commercial airport for low-cost airlines, serving Warsaw.

A bus service runs between the airport and Modlin train station. A bus service also links the airport with the city of Warsaw. A taxi from the airport to the Warsaw city centre is likely to cost 120 PLN (appx. £24/ €30/ $40)

Facilities:  3 bars/cafes/restaurants, 6 shops, currency exchange and 2 ATMs.
More information: Modlin Airport


Kraków Balice / John PauI II International Airport (KRK)

Located 11 km west of the city of Krakow, southern Poland. It's one of the two largest airport in the south of Poland.

Krakow airport has two terminals some distance apart. Terminal 1 is the main terminal used for international flights, while Terminal 2 is used for domestic flights.

The airport has rail and bus connections with Krakow and beyond. The airport train station is approximately 400 m from Terminal 1 and can be also accessed via a shuttle bus. Trains depart approximately every 30 minutes during the busy parts of the day (less frequently at night) with a journey time to Krakow of 18 minutes, costing 12 PLN (appx. £3/ €4/ $5). Buses from the airport into Kraków will cost around 4 PLN (appx. £0,8/ €1/ $1)

A taxi into Krakow should cost around 60 PLN (appx. £12/ €16/ $17) for the 20 minute journey.

Facilities: Terminal 1 has 5 bars/restaurants, 12 shops, an executive lounge, money exchange, 4 ATMs, VIP lounge and conference facilities, Internet access kiosks, and WiFi Internet access (FREE for 1 hr).
Terminal 2 has 2 bars/restaurants, 1 shop, ATM, and WiFi Internet access (FREE for 1 hr).
More information:
Kraków Airport


Katowice Pyrzowice Airport (KTW)

Located 30 km North of Katowice, southern Poland.

The Katowice airport has two adjoining terminals, A and B. An airport bus travels between the airport and the city of Katowice approximately every hour during the day and every 2 hours at night. A taxi from the airport to the Katowice centre is likely to cost 175 PLN or £35/ €40/ $56. There is a train station in Katowice.

Facilities: Terminal A  has 2 bars/restaurants, 2 banks, money change facilities, 5 shops and a business lounge. Terminal B has 6 bars/restaurants, 5 shops, a business lounge, car rentals and a conference room.
More information:
Katowice Airport


Łódź Lublinek Airport (LCJ)

Located 6 km southwest of Lodz, Poland’s second largest city, central Poland.

The Łódź airport has a new terminal opened in mid-2012. There is a scheduled bus service from the airport to Łódź and its Railway station, and taxis are available. From the city of Łódź there are rail and bus connections to other Polish cities.

Facilities: 5 bars/cafes/restaurants, 7 shops, money exchange, an executive lounge and a chapel.
More information:
Łódź Airport


Poznan Ławica Airport (POZ)

Located 7 km west of Poznan, one of the oldest cities in Poland.

An express bus link runs between the airport and Poznan’s central rail station with a travel time of approximately 20 minutes. Other bus services are available, making the journey in approximately 30 minutes. Taxis are also available.

Facilities: 2 cafes, a bar, restaurant, 6 shops, bank and money exchange facilities, a business and VIP lounge.
More information: 
Poznan Airport


Bydgoszcz Airport (BZG)

Located 3 km south of the historic city of Bydgoszcz, formerly known as Bromberg, northern Poland.

The airport has one terminal, a modern building opened in 2004. There is a regular scheduled bus service between the airport and the city centre, where there is a train station.

Facilities: include 2 coffee bars, 4 shops and money exchange facilities, a post office, and free WiFi Internet access.
More information:
Bydgoszcz Airport


Gdańsk Lech Walesa Airport (GDN)

Located 10 km west of Gdansk, principal sea port city, on the northern coast of Poland.

Gdansk airport has two terminals, with the newer Terminal 2 having opened in April 2012, doubling the airport's passenger handling capacity. A "City Terminal" enables passengers of non-budget airlines to check-in their luggage in the city up to 24 hours before their flight. A shuttle bus into Gdansk from the airport costs 10 PLN (appx. £2/ €3/ $3,5), and there are other bus routes. A taxi journey into Gdansk is likely to cost 40 PLN (appx. £8/ €12/ $13).

Facilities: 5 bars/cafes/restaurants, 8 shops, a bank, money change facilities, an executive lounge and a post office.
More information:
Gdansk Airport


Szczecin-Goleniów Airport (SZZ)

Located 45 km northeast of the city of Szczecin, 2 km northeast of Goleniow, near the northwest coast of Poland.

The nearest railway station is Goleniow, 7 km from the airport. Taxi fare to the station will cost around 40 PLN (appx. £8/ €12/ $13). A bus service to and from Szczecin timed to suit certain flights costs approximately 42 PLN (appx. £8/ €12/ $13). A taxi into Szczecin is likely to cost 150 PLN (appx. £30/ €36/ $48

Facilities: 3 bars/cafes, 4 shops, a cash machine, post office, mother and baby room, an executive and VIP lounge. The Pilot's Hut Motel is situated within the airport grounds, approximately 1 km from the the Terminal building.
More information:
Szczecin Airport


Wroclaw Copernicus Airport (WRO)

Located 10 km west of the centre of city, near Wrocław motorway bypass, southwest Poland.

Wroclaw airport has 2 terminals (effectively two parts of the same building), catering to Schengen and non-Schengen flights.

A new terminal building opened on 28th February 2012 increasing the airport's capacity to 3.3 million passengers per year.

There is a regular bus service from the airport to Wroclaw central train and coach stations every 20 minutes during the day and twice during the night. Taxis are available.
Facilities: 7 bars/restaurants, 9 shops, 2 currency changing facilities, 3 ATMs, post office, conference facilities and an executive lounge.

More information: Wroclaw Airport


Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (RZE)

Located 10 km north of the Rzeszów city centre, southeast Poland.

Rzeszow airport has 2 terminal buildings, T1, used for departures and currently undergoing development, and T2, of a modular construction and used for arrivals.

A regular public bus service runs from the airport to Rzeszow at a cost of approximately 3PLN and a shuttle bus connects the airport with the city bus and railway stations at a cost of 8 PLN per passenger with luggage. A taxi from the airport into Rzeszow is likely to cost 50 PLN.

Facilities: 2 bars/cafes/restaurants, 3 shops, ATM, currency exchange, VIP room, meeting rooms.

More information: Rzeszow Airport


Lublin Airport (LUZ)

Located 5 km east of the city of Lublin, 150 km southeast of Warsaw, eastern Poland.

Although it is located on the site of an old airfield, the modern airport was opened in late 2012 and was designed to handle 1 million passengers per year.

Lublin airport has its own rail station with up to 6 trains per day. The 15 minute journey into Lublin costs 5.30 PLN. A bus service runs between the airport and Lublin centre, timed to be convenient for flights, at a cost of 6 PLN. Taxis are available.
More information: Lublin Airport


Note: The information provided above serves only as a guideline. Prices and exchange rates are true at the time of publishing this page. Information on transport facilities from the airports should be confirmed before departure.




 Polish ports have direct connections with the towns of Ystad, Stockholm, Karlskrona, Copenhagen, Nynäshamn and Rønne. Polferries, Stena Line and Unity Line are  leading ferry operators sailing between Poland and Sweden.

Ferry services to Poland are also provided by Finnlines from Germany and Finland on the Rostock - Gdynia – Helsinki route. This connection has been temporarily suspended for passenger traffic .



Departure Port Destination Port in Poland Frequency of sailing Journey Time Operator

Appx. Price

per Passenger

Nynäshamn Gdańsk 3 weekly 19hrs PolFerries PLN360
Karlskrona (SE) Gdynia 15 weekly 10.5 hrs Stena Line PLN250-450
Trelleborg (SE) Świnoujście 7 weekly 6 hrs TTLine na
Ystad (SE) Świnoujście 13 weekly 6 hrs PolFerries PLN250
Ystad (SE) Świnoujście 14 weekly 6.5 hrs Unity Line PLN250
Copenhagen (DE) Świnoujście (via Ystad) Ticket  includes crossing the Öresund bridge and for passengers on foot, free bus service between Ystad and Copenhagen (1.5hr) is available

Note: The information provided above serves only as a guideline. Prices and exchange rates are true at the time of publishing this page. All information  should be confirmed before departure with the operator or ticket company.


Location map of main Polish sea ports

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