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  • Wiejska Zagroda Podlasie

    17-220 Narewka , Mikłaszewo 40 , Podlaskie Plains
    more... Our house is a proposal for people sensitive to the beauty and detail, looking for a place for a family holiday in the countryside. Luxury accessories laziness indulges and soothes the active recreation in the area. Web: www.podlasie.ynox.pl
    x Plains
  • Tamarynowa Osada

    64-426 Łowyń , Dormowska 4 , Greater Poland Lakes
    more... The land of relaxation! „The greatest value of TAMAROSA is its location in the very heart of this exceptional land…” Międzychodzko – Sierakowskie Lake District, referred to as the „land of 100 lakes” or „Little Provence” is an attractive tourist area located halfway between Poznań and Gorzów Wielkopolski
    x Lakes
  • Pensjonat Sasek

    12-100 Szczytno , Sasek Mały 14 , Warmian-Masurian Lakes
    more... SASEK-Located in the picturesque forests of Masuria, 170 Km north of Warsaw, our brand-new cosy lodging house “Sasek” is waiting for you! Deep forests and beautiful lakes create a perfect space for sightseeing on horseback, by foot, by bike, or even by kayak! We offer horseback riding for all skill levels, and have 40 friendly horses ready to take you on an adventure in the woods!
    x Lakes
  • Willa Zosieńka

    33-370 Żegiestów , Lesser Poland Mountains
    more... Intimate B & B, great service, friendly atmosphere - these are just some of the advantages of our resort. We organize slimming, health and relaxing holidays. Clean air, mineral water and preservatives - free food allows our guests to recharge and regenerate their bodies and minds.
    x Mountains
  • Wieżyca Forester’s Lodge

    83-315 Szymbark , Rybaki 35 , Pomeranian Sea
    more... We invite you to Wieżyca Forester’s Lodge, situated in a forest area, in the heart of the Kashubian Switzerland – one of the most beautiful places in Poland. We have wonderful conditions to rest, to get your strength back and leave your stress behind. As our guests you will feel as if you were in the countryside, where there is no rush, time is standing still and children can feel really free.
    x Sea
  • Zielony Kon Ranch

    11-731 Sorkwity , wieś Borowski Las , Warmian-Masurian Lakes
    more... We offer overnight accommodations in 2-, 3-, 4-person rooms with bathrooms (shower and toilet). For the families with children we offer two-level rooms and apartments. There is a dining area with adjacent living area formed around cozy fireplace. We have 13 horses wielkopolska and Hucul (Carpatian) breed, 3 dogs and 6 cats.
    x Lakes
  • Villa Angela

    80-171 Gdańsk , Beethovena 12 , Pomeranian Sea
    more... A homely facility located in the heart of Gdańsk, with comfortable rooms and delicious breakfast. Be our guests! Villa Angela is situated in Gdańsk-Suchanino, about 10 minutes from the Old Town. Our Guests start their day with a tasty proper breakfast, served buffet-style.
    x Sea

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