If you are still unsure what to do in Poland, we have prepared a few pages with suggestions for you on how to spend time here.

The Attractions page contains a list of interesting places you can visit. There are cities, towns and historical monuments in abundance in Poland.

Palaces and castles - some going back to the middle ages. Many have been restored and turned into museums and are open to tourists. Quite a few old palaces have been turned into luxury hotels and spas. Period bedrooms and interiors make a stay there truly memorable.

There are also castles which have either been preserved as ruins or have yet to be renovated. These offer a unique glimpse into the past.  In many of them, shows, fairs, knights' tournaments and demonstrations of ancient customs are held.  These attract thousands of tourists every year.

We have also listed places where kids can spend time - playing, learning, having fun.

The Events page offers a listing of various events happening in Poland throughout the year. There are concerts, exhibitions, festivals and other cultural events which you may want to attend while in Poland. The list is updated regularly, and if a specific event takes your fancy, you may want to schedule your visit to Poland for a specific date.

The Nature page lists National Parks and Landscape Parks located in Poland. For those who love nature, wildlife and the great outdoors, the page offers a glimpse into the amazing array of landscapes, eco-systems and protected flora and fauna present in Poland. From the wetlands and marshes of Biebrza National Park, through the Bison Reserve of Białowieża, to the alpine terrains of  the Tatra Mountains - the diversity of Polish nature is self-evident.

The Attractions , Events and Nature sections are also listed on the side of your Where to Stay page, offering suggestions on how to spend your time wherever you might be going in Poland.

Nature Watch in Poland

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