Before you come to Poland, you may want to read up on some basics.



Visa Information - see if you need a visa to travel to Poland

Useful thelephone numbers - just in case

How to get to Poland - airports and ferry routes

Food and Drink - see what culinary delights await you

Public Holidays - what and when the Poles celebrate


A Travel Check List

Traveling is always a big undertaking requiring special planning and forecasting. Our list below may help you prepare for a trip or holiday.


  1.     Take your passport and check its expiry date
  2.     Make a copy of the main pages of your passport
  3.     Check if you need a visa
  4.     Check if your credit cards are valid
  5.     Change currency if necessary
  6.     Take out travel insurance for your family and take the policy number and a phone number for Assistance
  7.     Check the availability of roaming with your provider
  8.     Pack your phone charger
  9.     Pack your medications
  10.     Pack your camera
  11.     Take a  phrase book
  12.     Check the weather forecast at your destination
  13.     If you are not taking your pet with you, make sure he is well cared for when you are away 
  14.    Check if you need power adapters


  1.     Buy a house insurance
  2.     Check the alarm
  3.     Turn off the heating / air conditioning
  4.     Dispose of garbage
  5.     Water the flowers
  6.     Check if windows and doors are closed and locked
  7.     Disconnect / check gas and water supply
  8.     Leave a set of keys with your neighbour

Traveling by plane

  1.     Check the location of the destination airport
  2.     Confirm the date and time of your departure and arrival
  3.     Consider the weight of your luggage
  4.     Sign your  luggage tag
  5.     Check the transfer from the airport to your destination
  6.     Check for car rental companies at the airport
  7.     Observe the hand luggage restrictions

Traveling by car

  1.     Plan your journey, choose a route
  2.     Pack your drivers licence
  3.     Check if your car has had all necessary technical inspections
  4.     Check the validity of your car insurance
  5.     Borrow / check the roof box, a trailer, a child seat
  6.     Check the contents of the car first aid kit. car. It is not mandatory to have it in Poland, but, it may come useful. It should include: first aid instructions, sterile gauze, plasters, bandage, elastic band, disinfectant, mouthpiece for mouth-to-mouth, latex gloves, safety pin, scissors.
  7.     Check the validity of the car  fire extinguisher
  8.     Take a reflective vest, a warning triangle, a spare wheel and a jack
  9.     Take a road map
  10.     Get to know the road markings, signs and general road traffic regulations in the country you are going to
  11.     Fill up windscreen fluid
  12.     If you are taking a bicycle - check it well. Don't forget the helmet.
  13.     If you are taking any water or winter sports equipment - check its condition.

Traveling with children

  1.     Prepare games to make traveling fun for the kids
  2.     Pack your portable DVD player - useful for playing fairy tales
  3.     Pack their favorite toys
  4.     Provide favorite snacks and drinks
  5.     Pack medication for motion sickness
  6.     Pack the diapers, extra clothes, wet wipes, milk
  7.     Take medical records
  8.     Pack plasters and painkillers

Traveling with pets

  1.     Have the pet checked by a vet, get necessary vaccinations
  2.     Find out what are the rules for entry of animals into the country of destination
  3.     Take the animal transporter or make room for it in the car where he could travel. Don't forget about the car harness
  4.     Bring a water bottle with water, a bowl and snacks
  5.     Take the leash, the harness and the muzzle

Your destination

  1.     Take down the full address, telephone number,  GPS coordinates
  2.     Check how to get there from the airport
  3.     Is there wifi ?
  4.     Is it near the ATM?
  5.     Is it possible to pay with credit card ?
  6.     Are there facilities for children ?
  7.     Can I bring pets?

  Have a safe journey!

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