Five places I escape to when I’m fed up of everything (a city especially)

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Where the Power is

Who has heard of Place of Power in Białowieża? About few hundred meters behind it, in gloomy corners of Białowieża Forest? One must try a little bit to find it but it’s enough when you ask some information and pay some time and one shall see a few rocks scattered among the trees. And a small a vantage point. That’s exactly it. Internet encyclopaedia of Białowieża Forest informs that this place was discovered by three inhabitants of Białowieża whose attention was drawn by a storm of positive feelings they experienced visiting a small clearing near aforementioned rocks. Downers and practitioners of alternative medicine summoned to this place have announced that electromagnetic radiation is much stronger than in Jasna Góra or Saint Mounatin Garbarka – locations also known as places of power.  ...more..

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