What do you need to know before renting a flat in Poland?


What you should do to avoid being scammed or paying for an apartment that does not exist? What types of accommodation you can expect and at what price? We listed all the information you might need before deciding to rent an apartment in Poland.


There are many questions related to a flat rental in Poland that need to be answered. Below you will find the answer for the frequently asked ones:


How to verify a flat offer?

  • Go through offer thoroughly, make sure that all the information about flat make sense and the location exists (use google maps). Ask the landlord more questions about the place, if the bills are included in rent.


Paying for seeing the apartment?

  • That’s not a standard in Poland! You should be allowed to see the apartment without any additional fees. Don’t pay rent upfront if you haven’t seen the apartment yet. There are individuals advertising on Facebook a great apartment who doesn’t allow to see it before paying.


What is the standard rental period?

  • It is very common in Poland to sign a contract which is binding 12 months. If you're unsure about staying that long, don't risk that. It is usually impossible to terminate the agreement sooner.


How big should be the deposit?

  • Very often deposit when renting a flat in Poland is equal to one month rent. Sometimes it might be 2-3 and some of the properties don't have any.


Who's responsible for maintaining the property?

  • It should be landlord who is responsible for maintenance of the apartment. Nevertheless, watch out for hidden clauses in the agreement that may place this responsibility on you.


What are tenant’s responsibilities?

  • The most important is paying on time. You must also remember that you are not alone and you have neighbours. Try to find a common language which will help you to live in harmony.


Where is the best to live?

  • When you are moving to a new city you might not know the districts. Things that you should pay attention it's distance to the center, work or university and shops. You might also visit some online groups to find out whether the neighbourhood is safe.


How to find good flatmates?

  • It is very important to rent an apartment with people you get along well. If you are looking for an apartment alone take the time to talk to current tenants to check whether they fit to you. If the apartment does not have other residents, search for new ones through groups on social media or on online classified ads like Gumtree or OLX.


Where can I find a flat for rent?

  • If you are already in Poland, you may visit numerous websites and make all the rental arrangements on your own. Most of the offers are posted on social media groups or on online classified ads like Gumtree or OLX. However, you might have some difficulties to overcome the language barrier.


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You may also use the services of an estate agent, who will make all the arrangements for you, for a fee - usually equal to one month rent.


Things that you need to pay attention when viewing apartment:


If you rent an apartment for the first time, you may do not know what to look for during viewings. Do not worry, we listed the most important points below:


  • watch carefully every room, look for the “hidden” attributes, if there’s any damage ask for it to be repaired, otherwise you may be blamed for it later,
  • if possible, talk with current tenants, in this way you can find out more about the apartment, the owner and neighbours,
  • ask for the amount of deposit,
  • check how well connected is the area,
  • check whether you get along with the owner of the apartment,
  • if you have a pet and want to live with him, mention it to the owner,
  • signing the contract you don't understand is a pretty bad idea, therefore ask the landlord for translation if possible.


What you need to know before signing contract?


Make sure that nothing in the apartment or seems broken. The best time for landlord to replace or fix something is before signing the contract. Carefully read through the contract and pay attention to details. Make sure that the below points are included in your lease contract:

  • the personal data of landlord and tenant,
  • the duration of lease, ask landlord for lease notice period (in Poland usually it is from one to three months),
  • payment method, the recommended method is to pay via bank transfer to the owner's bank account,
  • the payment deadlines,
  • the costs of lease, utilities such as gas, water and electricity are not always included in the rental cost,
  • the deposit and the form of return, the deposit should be returned at the day of tenancy ending, or taken as a payment towards the last month's rent.


Things to do before move out:


Inform the landlord about the flat related problems and keep him up to date. Don't hold off it till the day of your move out if you want your deposit to be returned. Here are some tips for the ones who want to avoid losing the deposit and leaving apartment in a bad atmosphere:

  • put furniture in their original position (if you have changed it),
  • clean up the flat to the state in which it was on the day you moved in,
  • repair the damage that you caused,
  • you might take photos to prove you left the flat in good order, these could be useful evidence later if a dispute arises over your deposit.


Types of accommodation available in Poland:


International students might have an opportunity to live in one of university dormitories. This could be a good option for those who do not mind sharing living space with others.


University Dormitory

The cheapest option for the least demanding ones, as well hardest to get. Usually students need to share the kitchen and bathroom with whole floor or at least few rooms. They belong to the universities and only a limited number can get a place there.


Private Dormitory

Dedicated to students but managed by private organisations or individuals. Private dormitories usually have better standard than public but the costs are much higher, especially for the ones who don't want to share room with anybody.



If you are a professional looking for private housing. The rent depends on location and size of property. The properties in Poland are usually furnished so it saves your money and time if you're fine with the offered standard.


Studio flat

Studio flats are common especially in central locations. Prices of studios in the city center start from 1300zł and ends on 2500zł. Everything depends on the size and the standard of flat. Usually studios are about 20-30 square meters and consist of a living space with kitchen, bathroom and hallway.


2 room flat

Prices of 2 room flat in the city center start from 1900zł and ends on 3500zł. Usually 2 room flats are about 50 meters and consist of a living room with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and hallway. Often, there are also two separate bedrooms, separate kitchen and bathroom.


3 room flat or more

Prices of 3 room flat in the city center start from 2200zł and ends on 5000zł. Usually 3 room flats are about 60-70 meters and consist of a living room with kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedroom and hallway. Often, there are also three separate bedrooms, separate kitchen and bathroom.


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