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Poland is still a relatively unknown destination. Many visit Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Auschwitz, Wieliczka or Częstochowa Monastery - as these are well known and are popular tourist destination

By many foreigners Poland is still associated with Solidarity, John Paul II, vodka and pierogi. It's all well, but there is so much more.

We have many more beautiful cities, towns and villages. Polish history is ready to be appreciated in hundreds of castles, palaces, churches,  manor houses and forts. Some have been rebuilt, some have been preserved as ruins - all offer a glimpse into our rich past.

Our landscapes vary - from the Baltic sea coast, lake-lands, vast planes and rolling hills to the mountain ranges. We have deserts, caves, cristalic lakes and wild rivers.

Spending time in Poland then, does not need to mean walking around a city square. Go kayaking or sailing in the Lake District of Mazury.  Enjoy horse riding or cycling holidays. Go rock climbing in the Jurassic landscapes of Krakow- Czestochowa Upland. Climb the highest peaks of Tatra Mountains.

You can do it all  in Poland.


Poland and its Tourist Attractions

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